Stupid Cosmonaut: Abstract Concepts

Stupid Cosmonaut - Abstract Concepts album cover Date Released: 05/23/2016
Label: Independent
Album Type: EP
Album info: Bandcamp

After a hard day’s work at Inhale the Heavy offices (and yes, Ken works you haaaard!), there’s nothing better than a warm comedown with some ambient drone. And new out in May 2016 is this space oriented album by Stupid Cosmonaut. Ambient drone interlaced with snippets of sampled space related conversation, and fear not, Professor Stephen Hawking appears in the opening track “Long Term Survival.”

The album kicks off with some relentless heavy guitar, then electronics takes a more prominent place with aching and creaking noises as you float amongst the space junk before gaining momentum and releasing from orbit and letting go of whatever holds you back! Once you have given yourself to the Stupid Cosmonaut you are only then totally free! “Tesla Is Not Dead” tinkles along allowing you to observe the stars and learn about Tesla due to the sampled words.

It reminds me of other British bands like Kontakte, or a lighter version of Belgians OMSQ. During “Space Music,” I sense that all is not well, has HAL gone mad? The strains of sound generate an anxious feeling inside me, however all this is allayed with set closer “A Complete Theory of Everything,” as I am safely in the arms of a Starchild. Everything makes sense now, as I gaze in wonder at the birth of a new planet and the dawn of a new day, as we return to the sound of a guitar, but this time it is gentle and soothing even comforting.

Words not normally associated with this website, however, well worth exploring some yin, or is it the yang.

Abstract Concepts is available digitally and on cassette here.

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