Strauss: Luia

Strauss - Luia album coverDesert rock from the streets of old London Town? Surely not I hear you say. Well that’s what it’s billed as, and it launches off with a fuzzy guitar and dry throated vocals such as Red Fang or Fu Manchu, but they certainly not old Cockneys me ole mucker.

These gentleman are far more European, Spain, Italy and France to be precise. All meeting and melting together in London, maybe it’s the Spanish interior and southern Italian influences that make it desert sounding.

Steff’s vocals are quite typically stoner sounding, giving that ‘too much smoke in the mix’ vibe. However it’s no way a typical stoner release, as ‘Humanphobic’ (to Mary Shelley) not only is a great title but it also brings in a very different sound, leaning towards post rock and that millennial hardcore approach.

Strauss are a five piece, two guitars and standalone vocalist. So they have a lot of scope between them, and ‘For all the Wrong Reasons’ demonstrates the breadth of their sound, with the vocals even becoming more harmonious. And ‘Eclipse’ offers some good slow grungy stomp along with some quieter noodling and restful periods to offer respite from the stoner stomp, before ‘2015’ gives up some funky bass making me think I am in LA, and then I am whisked back to Sarf London with Steff’s rasping vocal chords, plus more post rock nuances. Is this a more progressive release than just a fuzzy desert baked EP? It certainly offers an extra facet to the healthy London fuzz rock scene.

Label: Independent
Album Type: EP
Date Released: 05/26/2015
Band info: Facebook

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