Sonic Mass: You People Never Learn…

Sonic Mass - You People Never Learn... album cover Date Released: 01/24/2016
Label: Independent
Album Type: Full Length
Album info: Bandcamp

Sonic Mass have been with us for nearly ten years, whilst previously being known as Acid Temple, they cunningly changed their name to Sonic Mass, releasing their debut album All Creatures Strange in December 2013, and all seemed rather quiet it appeared, until I found this new release at the end of January 2016.

Sonic Mass are a fuzzed up, dirty sounding bluesy stoner sonic rock band from London, UK this four piece really keep a Blue Cheer style vibe alive with an aural assault with punchy and to the point tracks such as “Biker Satania” and the longer “Butcher of Brogdael.”

“Tears of Galactacus” helps us pause for introspective reflection with a slower burning more laid back grungy sound which takes us on to “Toga” another mid paced tune, before the bass plucks the introduction notes to the title track, with tinkling cymbals and stoner guitar riffing, this is a joy to listen to as it slowly unfurls and blossoms in to a largely instrumental piece where I can feel the warmth of the amplifiers as their valves hum and discharge their load.

Album closer is the inspired titled “Quadranoid” And it automatically makes me feel like an Ace Face fighting the rockers on Brighton Beach with The Who and Ozzy. “I’m not mad!” – sorry – I hung out with mods in my younger days.

It’s worth a download just for the last two tracks alone, “You People Never Learn…” and “Quadranoid.” Their two albums and a live set are all available as free downloads or pay what thou wilt, so dig in and dig it.

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