Sloth: Slow as Shit

Sloth - Slow As Shit album cover Label: Self Released
Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 09/28/2015
Band info: Facebook

I was excited when I saw this appear, although the album art work is very low-fi. I think it does a disservice to the music that lies within.

Sloth are a one man band, or one sloth going by the name of Blake Caverly from Stanmore, North West London. The sloth is a slow beast well represented here in musical form. As the Beastie Boys once said; “Slow and low that is the tempo.” The sounds of “Green Sunrise” are lilting fuzzy stoner jams, reminding me of slow hot days in slow hot climes, not exactly Stanmore.

This is music for sitting crossed legged on a deep plush Persian carpet, if you ask me! With a strong Turkish coffee as my only vice these days, this album by Sloth adds to the whole experience. It is what you would expect from a band named Sloth, its slow, grinding, grungy and dirty, with the odd surprise thrown in along the way.

It’s mostly instrumental, with vocals added by Mikey Gascoyne of Valravn on “Nothing But Leaves” and some vocals at the end of “Awaken Which Lies Amongst the Trees,” but the majority is pure aural instrumental delight.

“Call of the Sloth” and “Awaken…” are my standout tracks as they convey the sloth-like feelings through fuzzy stoner vibes and even elements of post rock organisation.

The closing track, “Smoke N Sleep,” reminds you that you have been listening to a band with the name of Sloth, and shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

• • • • •