Skraeckoedlan: Sagor

Skraeckoedlan - Sagor album cover Label: Razzia Notes/Family Tree
Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 06/10/2015
Band info: Facebook

Oh yeah! The Swedes have done it again, with a brief intro kicking in to them, well kicking it! “Prolog” is a real quarter pounder of riff barrage. It’s heavy fuzz rock, which Sweden is very good at these days. And these guys have played with the best, live shows with Orange Goblin, Truckfighters and Kylesa. Need I say more?

I hear the slab heavy groove of early Sabbath, the relentless desert sound of mid 90s without being adverse to quieting things down to a hum. When I listen my mind’s eye can see them slinging their guitars about with their hair flailing wildly. They must be awesome live!

And they are coming to the shores of England for a one-off All-Dayer in September in Bristol along with Old Man Lizard and the mighty Wren – oh how I would love to be there for that!

But back to the record, which has a beautiful cover depicting a fantastical science fiction landscape with mountains and planets, “El Monstro” has just got an immense groove on, I will be back in a minute.

Now where was I? Oh yeah, it’s a laid back satanic drug thing I’m sure as we have swimming guitars, vocals rising and falling and some technical wizardry that helps accentuate the science fiction stance of the album, creating images akin to all those Imagined Worlds books I remember for my childhood.

And track-wise? They have one called “Squidman” what’s not to like? It’s an instrumental 8 minute rampage which is absolutely excellent. And “Mothra” is another belter which takes a moment midway for a bit of a pause before re-ignition as it slingshots around the sun, just one more time before we end with the trippy “Epilog” a slack guitar effects drifting sun-baked tune to drift away to.

• • • • •