SIG:AR:TYR: Northen

SIG:AR:TYR - Northen Date Released: 04/15/2016
Label: Hammerheart Records
Album Type: Full Length
Artist info: Facebook

This is a terrific example of blackened thrash. It has a foot firmly planted in both camps, with the rasping vocals and the distant guitar that sounds like it’s in the next room at times, plus the song structure of classic thrash, with down beat parts, balanced with guitar solos.

SIG:AR:TYR are releasing their fourth full-length album, Northen, on April 15th, 2016 via Hammerheart Records with songs about Norsemen and Viking adventures in northern America. So this is an interesting take on the normal ‘pagan/Viking metal’ brand, as they have positioned the story in the founding of North America, which in some ways updates the story giving it a modern twist. And musically it is broader than the usual pagan/Viking blend. As mentioned it has a thrash feeling to it, at times this sounds like what Metallica could have been if the Black Album didn’t happen.

“Crownless” is a storming track, with soaring solos, deep dark vocals, and the beat that just keeps on giving. I can keep listening to this album over and over as it is rather refreshing. There’s enough disquiet, discordant guitar, pounding rhythm and rasping vocals balanced well with lead solos and musicianship. It reminds me of the majestic sounds of Bathory and even some of the 80s German sound, but that’s its heritage and of that we are proud!

“Vinland” starts with an acoustic guitar, then rips in to relentless chugging plugged in rock out! This is a fantastic album for which I cannot find the words to review. So you’d be better off checking it out yourself!

Northen will not be released until April 15, and SIG:AR:TYR have a wealth of back catalogue for the (like me) uninitiated to explore. Listen here.

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