Shroud Eater/Dead Hand – Split Review

Shroudeater/Dead Hand split

Dead Hand tease us during their side of the split, as it soon melts down in to a very relaxed vibe, gently pulsating guitar strings and keyboards.

Hang on, did it say Dead Head, or Dead Hand? Oh wait, here are the vocal growls, this is certainly not Jerry Garcia. These vocals come courtesy of gargling razor blades and singing the lines whilst the blood is bubbling up in his throat just before it congeals. I hope you get the idea.

Dead Hand are a hard working band with split releases and tours behind them. And after the interlude the whole band release hell on the record, and I can feel the sweat from the energy. Southern Druid Records have done both acts proud with this invaluable split which could be a doorway in to these bands for some people as it is a terrific introduction.

Shroud Eater are one of the reasons Captain Ken hooked me on to Inhale the Heavy as I won a Twitter competition and received a download of Dead Ends. And Shroud Eater have a far easier vocal style than their other halves today, a far more space rock kinda groove going on, but both tunes on this split are heavy pummelers a great way to see out 2016!

A sudden finish and its all over. Much like 2016 I guess.

The split can be ordered here:

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