Sedulus: The Sleepers Awaken

Sedulus - The Sleepers Awaken album cover Date Released: 04/22/2016
Label: Independent
Album Type: Full Length
Album info: Bandcamp

I have a soft spot for Sedulus, a London band I have been following around ever since I saw them at the inaugural Desert Fest on 2012. When I saw them the first time, without knowing any of their material, they blew me away. The intensity of hardcore, the power of doom, the slow swagger of stoner and the slightly skewed stance of post metal. I guess I really dug the underlying psychedelic tones which show a softer side within the maelstrom.

Vocalist Will uses phasing and blended vocals to give a slightly otherworldly feel to it, as if I am losing touch with reality… as I float downstream. But the heaviness is never far away in the form of some excellent pummeling stoner vibes. They have the dustiness of Kyuss and at times the cleaner tones of Tool and that BIG sound. This is their first album after a handful of EPs, and released on When Planets Collide which is a fantastic London-based promoter label.

“Sycamore” cracks the album open with a rugged driving beat, followed by “Machinations” which illustrate their slower more thoughtful introspective side. “Event Horizon” has a prominent phasing vocal that exudes the spaciness of the tune! “Foxhole” is the only older track I recognise off an earlier EP, and it is a classic of theirs if you ask me, opening slowly to reveal the beautifully trippy guitar and drum interplay, until we reach a climax of vocals of “We cannot fail! We will not fail!” This is a monster of a tune in my opinion. But where do you go from there? To undiscovered countries with exploratory drum beats and textured guitars, that’s where. “Redshift” is a real slow burner enabling me to catch my breath before album closer, “Heat Death,” which kinda bookends the last trio of tunes with the rise and fall throughout them, coming to eventual closure.

• • • • •