Season of Arrows Give it to the Mountain

Season of Arrows - Give it to the Mountain album coverNashville doom band Season of Arrows have left Static Tension Recordings and are very excited about moving to Argonauta Records, and are due to release their second LP on March 24th.

Reminding me of Witch Mountain in more ways than one, Season of Arrows offer a luxuriant album, that first coaxes you in with its warm purple and orange album covers and the haunting pose of the lady as she walks towards you, and then sinks its hooks in like an addictive illegal substance.

“Deep Graves” uses echo to good effect on her voice to add an extra layer and nether worldly dream charm to the hazy stoned heavy metal playing behind enhancing my opium day dream. Whilst “Evil Lord” scares me with those Hammer Horror riifs and “The Bridge” takes me down loooow, with a comedown in to the depths of darkness and solitude, a suffocating pit I struggle to resist her siren like charms. They have the chunk power of Witch Mountain and the mesmerizing haunt of Devil’s Blood.

“Bellow” is a stand out track as it leaves the power at the door and opens the transient psychedelic box of witchery as echoing electric guitar is balanced with acoustic strumming, and her siren coaxing becomes unbearable to resist. I’m gone! It is far more akin to the early 90s shoegaze of My Bloody Valentine or Lush than doom! It is beautiful.

Set closer “From the Wilderness We Return” cranks the amps back up to eleven, as they truly return from the vacant vacuums of “Bellow” and rock out a slow jam that brings me back to the present enticing me to want more of that sweet liquor. Hit me!

Give it to the Mountain is available for pre-order now on CD from the Argonauta web store.

Listen to their cover of Slayer‘s “Spill the Blood” below.

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