Sealclubber: Stoical

sealclubber_stoical_album_coverDate Released: 02/05/2016
Label: Medusa Crush Recordings
Album Type: Full Length
Band info: Bandcamp

These guys scared the bejesus from me when I saw them play live a few years back at the Camden Unicorn in London. The sheer intensity and vitriol of this crusty sludge band just blew me away. So I quickly sought their debut EP ‘Sticky River’ from the fantastic and sorely missed Witch Hunter Records and found their sound similar to other acts around at the time such as Opium Lord and Bast – both whom I love.

So I am dead chuffed to be listening to a longer affair, giving Sealclubber some real good clobberin’ time! Six tracks across 40 minutes allows them space to develop and establish their sound at times slow and painful like pulling teeth at other times fast as an early Earache grindcore band and then they lay “St Jude’s Waiting Room, Dead for 12 Days” on me. This has such a quiet beginning it makes me sit up and take proper notice as this sound collage sits apart from the usual approach and bleeds straight in to echo heavy guitar of ‘Vow of Silence’ which I guess is a stand out track as it is constructed in a conventional way with peaks and troughs, highs and lows, and is really quite something, leaving me emotionally rather sad at the end.

Oh god, it gets worse, the depression and empty vastness I am experiencing as closer instrumental “I only Desire the Things that Will Destroy Me” is so gentle yet so powerful in its restraint, and I can only hope relief will come shortly. Nope, I am still bubbling with frustration and looking for release, finally after 8 minutes I get the chance to let it out as the band rip in to a wave after wave of rolling thunder. Yup, those things will destroy me, but, oh, they are sooooo goooooood.

• • • • •