Sail – Slumbersong Review

Sail - Slumbersong

One of my favourite cultural centre cafes has changed its name from Departure to Husk, and now the band Husk have changed their name to Sail. Its only early January and I am confused already!

So, Sail are described as doom/sludge, but I disagree as they are far too musical in the higher end of the scales. It focuses far more on a singing vocal and musical melody than the cathartic expressions of sludge.

And they have now finished Slumbersong ready for release on Hibernacula Records on March 10th 2017, and this clean sound seems a departure for Hibernacula as I always associate them with the dirtier sounds of Terra, Pensevor and Negative Thought Process. But it’s always good to balance I guess.

The record tries a number of different approaches and twiddles to keep the listener engaged, along with the heavy riffing and track five, “Bloodhound” has a fantastic layered intro of fuzzing guitar that ekes out a nodding rhythm but alas it is only a one-and-a-half-minute teaser, before slipping in to track six, “The House,” which reverts to the trad pummel. “Old Tom” is the track where they really open her up and go for it, a barrage of attack faster than the rest, and breaks down to a stonker of a riff fest – like Anthrax’s “mosh parts!”

It is very accessible, a little hazy and dreamy at times, and notes of post rock simplicity but also nods towards prog at times. So, a mixed bag, just not necessarily my bag.

Sail sets forth on March 10th 2017 from Hibernacula Records. Keep an eye for departure times here.

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