renate/cordate: Growth

renate/cordate - growth album cover Label: Breathe Plastic
Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 01/31/2014
Band info: Facebook

Growth is the full length debut and follow-up to renate/cordate’s 2013 self titled EP. On it, the Finnish band have shown just that… growth. As a matter of fact, the band have become heavier and more aggressive, transforming into veritable masters of the repetitive riff. Many bands try to use it, and many fail. That is not the case with renate/cordate.

For the most part, renate/cordate are an instrumental band. When the vocals do show up, they blend right in with the music and are barely recognizable. This is not a bad thing. Just an observation.

The opening track “Evolve, submit” starts out with a droning wall of feedback before the drums loosely kick in. This song is a slow burner which attacks at various times throughout its ten minutes and forty-two seconds. “Humankind (not my kind)” fades in with a slow, mounting intro that gives way to some thick fuzzy guitar. The song has a vast, cosmic feel to it.

“Laudanum” is the shortest track on Growth. In it, the bands tease back and forth between heavy guitar riffs and post-rock rhythms. “Mother” clocks in at almost seventeen minutes. At times crawling along at a snail’s pace, and at others melting your face off, “Mother” will take you on a copious psychedelic journey, one of Neurosis-like proportions. This song is best listened to through headphones. Hell, the entire album should be listened to that way.

renate/cordate have been creating their own brand of madness for the past six years, and with the release of Growth the band have taken one giant step closer to the top.

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