Razoreater: Vacuum of Nihil

Razoreater - Vaccuum of Nihil album coverDate Released: 01/13/2016
Label: Skin & Bones Records
Album Type: EP
Band info: Facebook

You will finish listening to this album before you finish reading this review!

This is refined, cooked down blasting d-beat originated power-violence to its grindcore heritage elements. The first two tracks “Nailbombed” and “I, Dreadnaught” clock in at under 2 minutes each, and display the fierce unapproachable, twisted metal of fast and furious hell. And then things slow, enough for me to catch my breath at least.

“Bloodeagled” reduces the tempo down to a grinding pedestrian pace, this seems to enable Ben, the vocalist to expand his lungs and increase his vitriolic tirades. I really feel the nihilistic post millennial chaos. It’s fast and furious and not for the faint hearted.

Razoreater have previously released split records with Iced Out, Oblivionized and others, and have gigged around the UK and mainland Europe.

This album will be released on vinyl with a limited edition of 500 yellow/black marbled copies which is a great way to celebrate the new year, and but a copy to fulfill your unmet wishes!

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