rabitrup – SWVMPS Review

rabitrup - SWVMPS

You may be reading reviews of 2016, flicking through pictures of important episodes or famous people who have died, while you are sitting comfortable in your favourite fireside chair; well, rabitrup seem to have condensed the whole horrific twelve months into a three-track explosive self release.

It was Rich of Blackened Death Recordings who directed me to this, and Christ it isn’t easy listening. Chaotic electronic industrial pounding with screaming and heaving vocals thrown over the top along with spoken word samples that make me feel very uncomfortable, a lot like 2016 made me feel. I couldn’t believe what was happening but wanted to know more, illustrating that horrendous rubbernecking human trait so well.

SWVMPS has more variance and repetition than harsh noise, more along the lines of that bombastic dub step that Mick Harris has been touting this last decade. And a lot in common with the more organic guitar and bass of sludge metal, but of an electronica nature.

Opening track “Solomon” eases you in, and if the harsh vocal tsunami scares you bail out now as this just drops right down the rabitrup hole! As “Harmony” opens a can of worms that I am desperately trying to find the lid for. Musically this track is the most rhythmic of the three as set closer “Lisa” sounds like an abattoir saw going about its business, until WTF is happening at the end, a very disturbing sound collage of an Emergency Services phone call!

I hear its been difficult to find acts to perform at the US Presidential inauguration, whoever is there, when The Donald opens his mouth, THIS is what I will be hearing. Oh. My. God, we are in for a rough ride!

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