Primitive Man / Northless: Split

Short review of the Primitive Man / Northless split was originally written for About Heavy Metal.

Primitive Man / Northless - Split album coverDate Released: 03/04/2016
Label: Halo of Flies
Album Type: Split
Album info: Bandcamp

Primitive Man are a doom trio from Denver, Colorado, that formed in 2012, and basically have been touring and recording nonstop ever since.

Northless, a sludge/doom foursome hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, have released no less than ten recordings since 2007.

The two bands come together for what can only be described as an enormously loud and devastating recording.

On this split, Primitive Man offer up one magnificent song, the bleak and unrelenting “Empty Husk,” which clocks in at just over 15 grueling minutes. The other three songs belong to Northless, with the stand out track being the closer, “Wasted Breath.”

Chaotic. Destructive. Unrelenting. You will be left feeling consumed, but grateful for all the damage done.

• • • • •