Premiere: Shroud Eater :TH:REE: :CVRSES: Artwork

Shroud Eater - :TH:REE: :CVRSES: coverShroud Eater have teamed with Inhale the Heavy for the premiere of the artwork for their new release :TH:REE: :CVRSES:, which can be seen below.

Miami’s brooding riff sorcerers Shroud Eater are set to release a 13 minute experimental noisy drone track on cassette titled :TH:REE: :CVRSES: on February 8, 2017, to coincide with a performance at the International Noise Conference in Miami, FL.

The Obelisk premiered the track on February 1. You can listen to it here.

The release of :TH:REE: :CVRSES: is a drastic left turn from the usual doomy Shroud Eater fare; fuzzed out guitars, suffocating bass and bombastic drumming is replaced with meditative synthesizers and malicious intoning of curses over other-worldly analog echoes.

Guitarist/vocalist Jean Saiz commented:

“When I first began toying with lyrics for the release, I had been reading and researching about runic lore and germanic paganism, specifically a bit on the nithing or nidstang pole. Essentially, it was a ritual used to curse an enemy, utilizing a pole and severed horse’s head, as well as a slew of hexes and incantations. I loosely based the lyrics on this type of cursing, Janette found a perfectly old and scratchy recording of a recitation of the elder futhark, and Davin added it as one of many layered samples within the track.

The album cover artwork features the horse skulls, witches, and decaying flowers, all tied into the idea of curse against an enemy. Because this sonic experiment was swirling around runes and this general sort of mystic heathenry, I tasked the band to create original “art cards” while listening and meditating on the track, the different runes, the idea of hexes and so forth. The elder futhark is separated into three rows of eight runes, so each member took on a row of runes to visually interpret on the cards. It was a fun and different experiment, as no two of the art cards are alike, and none the cards will be replicated.”

Primitive Violence will be handling the release on 50 cassettes, 25 of which will be considered limited edition packages. Each of the limited edition packages come with black cassette, digital download card, full color jcard, one of two button designs, a sticker with the album artwork, and an originally drawn art card created by one of the band members while in hallucinogenic meditation of the track.

:TH:REE: :CVRSES: was recorded and engineered by Shroud Eater drummer Davin Sosa, with track cover art done by Jean Saiz.

For purchase information, visit Primitive Violence by clicking here.


 :TH:REE: :CVRSES: Packaging

Limited Edition

:THREE: :CVRSES: Limited Edition

Jean Saiz Art Cards

Jean Saiz Art Cards

Janette Valentine Art Cards

Janette Valentine Art Cards

Davin Sosa Art Cards

Davin Sosa Art Cards

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