Power Metal: The Magic And Might

Keeper_of_the_Seven_Keys_Part_1To people that know me, either in real life or through social media, it’s no secret how much I love Power Metal. I listen to and talk about it plenty. Hell…I even capitalize the first letter in each word. I love many different genres of metal but Power Metal will always be my favorite genre. Why, you ask? Come sit at the hall and I shall tell you the tale.

It all started with my introduction to heavy metal… Manowar. Although they are considered traditional heavy metal they, along with Dio and others, laid the groundwork for what is Power Metal. The glory, majesty and unity of the self-proclaimed “kings of metal” attracted me to that style. I’ll get into that a bit later. My real awakening to Power Metal was Helloween’s ‘Keeper Of The Seven Keys Pts. I and II’. It brought melody, silliness and fun. It’s what I needed at that time in my life.

Helloween opened my eyes to Power Metal going forwards. Bands like HammerFall, Gamma Ray, Blind Guardian, Iced Earth and countless others graced my ears. Don’t get me wrong; I still enjoyed bands from other genres. I’d play Pantera and Anthrax in between Running Wild and Edguy. Whether it was speed, thrash, doom or death, I annoyed my parents by playing it really loud. At the end of the day, though, I would blast Power Metal the loudest. It was my therapy.

Manowar - Kings of Metal album coverAs a young lad I was always on my own. I’m not gonna say my childhood was terrible, because it wasn’t, but I wasn’t exactly the popular kid in school. It was difficult to be positive at times. When I would play a Power Metal record that positivity was given to me. Lyrics about warriors defeating the evil sorcerer and songs about rising after a fall spoke to me. Ballads weren’t just sappy anymore. The music made me feel better when I needed it. Manowar’s tune “Heart Of Steel” is the perfect example. Songs about honor in battle. Of course my battle was different but in the end it gave me strength. It still does to this day.

When people hear Power Metal many different words come to mind: cheesy, goofy, silly, over the top, etc. Guess what? All those words are correct. Power Metal is all of that. It’s supposed to be. I LOVE the fact that it is all of that put together. It’s what attracted me to the music. I will continue loving it for the rest of my life. Before I end this I would like to add one more word to that list: fun. #HAIL to you all! I must now go and fight the dragon.

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