Possessor: Stay Dead

possessor_stay_dead_album_cover Label: Independent
Album Type: EP
Date Released: 03/21/2015
Band info: Facebook

Keeping the fazed and dazed vibe going I am now spinning the new Possessor ep, three-piece London-based band blend their 60s horror movies occultism with a medium paced jaunt through 4 new tracks of chugging doom rock. After some rave reviews for their ‘Electric Hell’ album of last year I am pleased to be scared again by tracks like ‘Night of Venom’, and ‘Cobwebs’.

They are tight, I love threesomes, as you will have read elsewhere on these very pages. There is nothing wasted here, they open up, and keep moving right to the very end. If you were a little addled, you may think you are playing Electric Wizard at the wrong speed, but you’d be wrong sir. It’s fuzzed downer rock, but at the same time has a good boogie going on!

Maybe I’ve seen the future, doom-boogie, I know I missed them play a while ago quite close to me, which in itself is a travesty, but I see they are playing Flashback Records in hip Shoreditch on July 24th, and that’s up the road from where I work, well it would be rude not to, wouldn’t it?!

This is also on a limited cassette run of 100 from those Medusa Crush people, so get in quick, due for release July 10th 2015: http://medusacrushrecordings.bandcamp.com/music

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