Pogavranjen: Jedva Čekam Da Nikad Ne Umrem

Pogavranjen cover Date Released: 02/15/2016
Label: Arachnophobia Records
Album Type: Full Length
Album info: Bandcamp

When Stravinsky premiered his seminal work The Rites of Spring, they say there were riots in the stalls. And from then on the avant-garde kept moving forward in to new realms. So nearly 100 years later we add another page to the avant-garde definition. Pogavranjen release this, their third album, and evolving from an original black metal concept they now find themselves trying to push the boundaries of gothic grandiose and psychedelic soundscapes.

It is slow for standard black metal, and of course this isn’t black metal, having thrown off the constraints of this genre, and even becoming ostracized by said scene so the story goes. But it resonates with BM sounds and imagery as a central drive. I can’t get away from the images of snow swept gothic Transylvanian castles as the guitar strains in a discordant fashion around a central drum peal.

It is certainly loosening the parameters of blackened music, the tempo choice is interesting as it is rather pedestrian, which is quite a departure from their contemporaries, however, I do find the vocals a bit monotonous, sure they are moody in the Andrew Eldritch way, and if I had my way, I would add in something different to break up the sound, maybe a female vocal at times would add another layer to their sound.

I do enjoy the central tracks of the album “Parahaoma” and “Xolotl” as these seem to demonstrate the depth and breadth that Pogavranjen are trying to cover, and “Olam Ha-Ba” is a solid closer.

I think you may like this if you enjoy the blackened goth of Lachrimosa, or the dungeon stylings that were the sub-genre of the 90s core black metal scene.

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