Pink Mass – Necrosexual Review

Necrosexual - Pink Mass

Place your faith in the filth, is their bye line. And that’s not a bad introduction in to Pink Mass, as they are fine purveyors of sado-masochistic gore grind, sexual splatter horror like Genitorturers and as eclectic as Spazztic Blurr. The choice of dual style vocals, one high blackened screams coupled with deathly growls adds a dimension, but I am splitting hairs as to try and decipher any of this. Chaos rules in the Pink Mass.

The intro is an odd one, before Hedonost Lament bolts out the blocks like, well, Bolt! But hang on, the intro lasts longer than track two. You get the idea early on, this is short, sharp, or maybe blunt bludgeoning, fast, powerviolence grindcore. The latter half does dust on some quality crust cuts such as ‘Vorified Master’ that could have easily been released around 1987.

Release date: October 31, 2017
Label: Self released

And “Altar of Domination” even has a breakdown midway through the song with tempo change and all! And hold the phone, “FOAD NSBM” starts all doomy, with big, chunky riffs, so big, I checked the album hadn’t changed without me noticing! But within the minute, the whirlwind holocaust was back on form!

Lyrically, they don’t shy away from challenging topics – the previous track namely one current hot potato along with sexual freedoms and dabbling with the occult as a pink mass is where, at death, your heterosexual spirit is transmogrified in to a homosexual one. What I didn’t learn was what happens if your spirit is already homosexual, or pan-sexual, of pan-fried.

If you’ve ever wondered what Mexican wrestlers covering Brujeria tunes are like, click here.

Check out Pink Mass’ latest release SLVT KVLT below.

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