Pestifere Hope Misery Death

Pestifere - Hope Misery Death album cover Keep thinking happy thoughts, as this is a despondent one.

Minneapolis death rockers Pestifere have delivered a solid, very competent slab of death/thrash. It straddles well musically and allows a softer side to show occasionally bringing forth the band members musicality.

Pieces like “Dispirit” caress me like a gentle summers’ wind. But you don’t really want to know where that wind is coming from, as the following track “Suffer the Day” spews those gusts forth like the nuclear winter of atomic destruction!

Pestifere translates from French I think as ‘Plague’ or ‘Plague stricken’ so you get the idea. I love their creation of the post industrial apocalypse landscape and soundscape making me think back to the 80s very real atomic fear, and bands such as Sodom and Kreator. But this album has more to it than the bleak outlook, similarly to Kreator there are elements of lilting guitar leads that may even interest the Power Metal fans. Maybe.

“Tomb of Monumental Decay” offers an excellent lesson in How to Play Thrash like a demon! Rhythm and lead playing off each other, with some ripper shredding and soaring riffage!  This is the stand out track for me!

Eihwaz Recordings will release Hope Misery Death on cassette and CD. Pre-order the CD here, and the cassette here.

Date Released: 07/15/2016
Label: Eihwaz Recordings
Album Type: Full Length
Album info: Bandcamp

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