Pensevor: Klothod

Pensevor - Klothod album cover Date Released: 05/06/2016
Label: Hibernacula Records
Album Type: Full Length
Album info: Bandcamp

My doom claws come out within the first minute of this album! And the mesmerising doom nod is close behind. This is a monolithic, psychedelic, slab of despairing doom, with as a I mentioned a psychedelic feel. Its hypno-monotonic drum beat accompanied with the vocal stylings of Mark Jennings make this four piece from Farnborough in leafy Hampshire a beast of a band!

This is the debut long player from Pensevor, being released on Hibernacula Records. The band have been around since 2011, releasing a self-titled EP in 2013, available on Bandcamp. You can listen to it below.

Klothod is a juggernaut of a sound that has relentless barrage of a non stop tsunami wave. It’s not necessarily that heavy, or big, but just keeps rolling and rolling and rolling, And with song titles such as “Sewerpuss” and “Dungeoness” (Dungeness is a small parcel of land in the UK known for its bleak coastal landscape and power station) I like the way their wordsmith thinks.

The driver of this juggernaut takes their foot off the pedal for “I Despair” as the thrumbing guitar slowly introduces this song, a departure from the previous pounding. And this is expands slowly as a droning, drowning, despairing tune with waves of horridness layered over the simple thrumbing guitar and a screeching guitar buzz. “Dungeoness” brings us back to the former punishing riffing and pounding, but the vocals have added some breadth and breath by using a whisper ‘…in my minds eye’ repeated and escalated to the sludge affirmation finale.

“The Lowest of the Low” offers us a well-rounded book end where it samples a bit of everything we have heard so far, maybe as a way of a reprise. It is very well done. I really want to see this lot play it live! Until then, get yer doom claws on this.

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