Pale Horseman – The Fourth Seal Review

Pale Horseman - The Fourth Seal

Pale Horseman is a four piece from Chicago, and the opening tracks of this new album make me wonder what Metallica may have been like if they didn’t make the Black Album and subsequent path afterwards… the power and pumping drive without the mainstream draw. Power corrupts as they say.

But back to Pale Horseman, twin guitars AND twin vocals, enables some excellent riffing like someone playing Wishbone Ash on the slow speed! And once “Witches Will Gather” opens, we get to hear the sludge style come forward, the way sludge restrains chaos running amok by laying a thin veil over the grinding rumble bass and thrum of the guitar, I often feel when this veil slips the beast is let loose and full on galloping grindcore ensues!

Release date: November 24, 2017
Label: Self released

Fans of Allfather, Neurosis and their ilk would be served well by investing their time and money in Pale Horseman. Not to be confused with UK sludgers Pale Horse, the Chicago men really develop their sound and craft over this LP, with tracks like “Bereavement” and bordering on that old 90s industrial sound of Pitchshifter, Optimum Wound Profile and Godflesh with the recent addition Jason’s near mechanical drumming and discordant guitar sounds of a factory from the set of Metropolis or Modern Times.

My only regret with this album is that the track “Pale Rider” doesn’t include the snippet from said movie… “Preacheerrrr!” But this is all made up by the guttural riffs opening to “Tyrant.” These riffs were uncovered in one of those Storage Hunter shows where some 80s thrash band were locked away for 30 years and stagger out blinking in the modern 21st century sunlight.

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