Palace of Worms: The Ladder

Palace of Worms - The Ladder album cover Date Released: 04/08/2016
Label: Broken Limbs
Album Type: Full Length
Band/Album info: Bandcamp

As this opens it caught me off guard – I had to check I’d hit play on the right album, as I hear something akin to Eastern European folk tunes, but then, ah yes, the growl comes in along with the electric guitar and we open up in to slow grumbling death rock not far off from the old Peaceville three.

Palace of Worms have long been a standard US black metal band, or one man band, and this album sees him move in a different direction. It is much slower and gloomier than before, hence my Peaceville three comparisons. It’s not as dramatic as say My Dying Bride, but includes the odd pseudo operatic style vocals at times. But more in the camp of Paradise Lost. It certainly has a more theatrical Christian death style sound to it with depth. And less BM howls.

Balan is the main composer and performer here, and it is a well accomplished and polished piece.

Midway through we get a beautiful breather with “An Innate Sickness,” which gently wafts along until it gets knocked down by 12 minute opus “Strange Constellations,” which wreaks Cthulu Mythos from thr title alone if you ask me. But this track has it all, it’s worth a punt just for this track. A balance of the softer wisps of sound with spooky vocals met with the galloping rhythm section and buzzing BM guitar at times.

The Ladder will be available on cassette from Acephale Winter Productions and Sentient Ruin Laboratories, and on vinyl from Broken Limbs Recordings.

While The Ladder doesn’t drop until April 8th, you can listen to one of Palace of Worm’s most recent releases below, a song called “She Who Holds Fire,” which is taken from the split with Thoabath that came out on January 11, 2016.

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