Exmordium - Into the Sepulchral Spectrum

Exmordium – Into the Sepulchral Spectrum Review

Life gets in the way at times, and due to the sad loss of Andrew Rehberger of Tridroid Records in 2016 this album got lost under the weight of everything, however it is now seeing

Panopticon - Kentucky

Panopticon – Kentucky Review

This seems to be closer to Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska than to Slayer or Celtic Frost! It is a bleak, cold landscape, harsh times and hard men as they strive to eke out a living in

Folkvanger Records

Folkvangr Records Spring Update

Folkvanrgr Records are quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with. Chiral – Gazing Light Eternity Gazing Light Eternity by Chiral is a slow burning atmospheric black metal piece by Italian one man outfit. Mixing

Cave of Swimmers - The Sun

Cave of Swimmers – The Sun (single) Review

Three word band name: Cave of Swimmers. Three word review: Pavarotti fronts Megadeth. The Sun by CAVE OF SWIMMERS

Death of Kings - Kneel Before None

Death of Kings – Kneel Before None Review

REGICIDAL!! REGICIDAL!! Not so new boys on the block, Regicidal Tendencies, I mean Death of Kings are due to bring forth Kneel Before None and let it loose on the world. Thrash, what an adrenalin

Panphage - Storm

“Who ordered the Pan of Phage to go?”

Re-issues galore here for Panphage fans. Nordvis are looking after all your gloomy gothic needs with re-releasing two classic early releases by Panphage. Their debut Storm and split with Thul gets a wider release as

Merchant - Beneath

Merchant – Beneath Review

Black Bow records have done it again. That’s it, that’s all you need to know. Black Bow are becoming like Earache Records was like back in the 80s when you knew you could trust them.

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