Space Witch - Arcanum

Space Witch – Arcanum Review

Since I last cavorted with these witches in their sacred grove, they have either added an old crone to their coven or retrained at Spell School as vocals are now a thing, and

Dynfari - The Four Doors of the Mind

Dynfari – The Four Doors of the Mind Review

This record sang to me even before I pressed play as I was reading the press release notes, it is a concept album around the issue of pain. And this is very close

Drude - Drude

Drude – Drude Review

Trump maybe getting “really bad drudes out,” but this bad Drude is here to stay! And that is because it hides and morphs and blends in like a musical chameleon. You know how

Death of Kings - Hell Comes to Life

Death of Kings – Hell Comes to Life (single) Review

I am late to the party, but a friend gave me Mustaine: A Life in Metal which was a terrific read, and made me feel 15 again in the summers of the late

Black Bow Records

Black Bow Pulls It’s Strings

Black Bow Records is a record label focused upon releasing music created by, and appreciated by, those who worship tone and riffs. My, they have been busy of late with some excellent tuneage

Sail - Slumbersong

Sail – Slumbersong Review

One of my favourite cultural centre cafes has changed its name from Departure to Husk, and now the band Husk have changed their name to Sail. Its only early January and I am

Arash Khosronejad

Best of 2016 – Arash Khosronejad

Well, another year is gone. Beside its fine, pleasing moments, which were few, it was awful and most parts of it sucked. There were countless sad moments, unfortunate events, and more important than