Opensight: Ulterior Motives

Opensight - Ulterior Motives album cover Label: Independent
Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 09/04/2015
Band info: Website

Good lord this is erratic and punchy. A prog metal piece that won’t stand still long enough to grow the required beard. Opensight started in Columbia then relocated to the UK to progress this project – as you do!

The opening track “Alibi” is angular, even jagged in with its syncopated drum style, while the synth work offers the fluidity throughout the track.

Track two, “The Chase” really sounds like a chase sequence. The band bio and the cover pull on film influences and this is an important aspect of Opensight’s sound. Drawing from cinema and film soundtracks they create a modern prog metal/cyber cinematic sound machine which I guess Devin Townsend fans might enjoy or maybe Opeth as it sounds very clean and polished. And readers here may well know ‘clean and polished’ is not my thing, however, to give this a proper hearing is only just.

“Vanishing Point” seems to behave along the regular lines of song as it builds from a drum and guitar paired intro before leaping in to its vocals, beats and mini crescendos. However “Ulterior Motif” gets my vote as favourite track as lays down a solid slow and laid back vibe with some wah wah guitar before bringing in the full sound but is less angular and juxtaposed and sounds more rounded. But that’s just my taste.

• • • • •