Ommadon: S/T

Ommadon - VI album cover Date Released: 03/16/2016
Label: Burning World Records
Album Type: Full Length
Album info: Bandcamp

OMG! It’s OMDN!!

Ommadon duo takes things slow, and allow their tunes to build up over time. Coming from Scotland, I shall be incredibly stereotypical here and say maybe they are used to allowing the whiskey to mature! These things can’t be rushed.

Ommadon have released a number of crushingly heavy albums of slow burn doom drone. They create a sound of tectonic plates moving at the dawn of time, as the earth cooled, and the lava boiled, Ommadon were forged in the bowels of the earth, or was it the valves of an amp?

This absolutely destroys any living creature within 30 metres. I have had the privilege of seeing these guys create it live, and they shake the place to its foundations!

These two new tracks, clocking in at roughly 20 minutes each keep the humming buzz of fuzz and feedback as the drums pick their where through the minefield of sound and the cymbals pepper the field with explosions of tin and metal!

This is a co-release from Burning World Records (Netherlands) and Dry Cough (Manchester, UK) and is an absolute cracker!

Their total world domination was foreseen by the god that is Ronnie James Dio, for was it not he who said in “Catch the Rainbow”… “Come the ‘Don, Come the ‘Don”

• • • • •