((OHHMS)): Bloom

OHHMS - Bloom album coverBloom is the new release from Canterbury band ((OHHMS)). The city has a long pedigree of progressive slightly off kilter music in the likes of bands such as Caravan and Soft Machine. The Canterbury scene was of course developed by David Allen in the last 60s/early 70s.

Bloom updates this sound, with a two-track release on Holy Roar records. ‘Bad Seeds’ starts off quietly with a post hardcore vocal, ‘Baited we wait’ he says, and so do we, the guitar solo then sings and soars until 2 minutes in the drums and power kick in.

And then you feel the vocal and musical anger. It breaks down halfway through this 18 minute only to build up again like a granite punch!

It gently soothes towards the end allowing the spatial sound to waft over you in waves and eases you in to track two, ‘Rise of the Herbivore’. ((OHHMS) come from that loud …QUIET… loud approach, not unlike Kogumaza, Conifer and Isis where they take their time to play with you, like a cat with its prey, before letting rip.

Track two allows them to demonstrate their political feelings around animal rights, and their thoughts around meat-eating and multinationals, which they convey with their pounding drums and guitar intensity.

Another epic track and again we get respite of a breakdown just over half way, and this time the calm is rocked by the guitar which takes us high out of the depths of the first half content. Slowing and quieting down to just a drum beat, reminiscent of a heartbeat maybe? Only to be destroyed by a buzz at the end. Not a nice way to go.

Label: Holy Roar Records
Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 10/06/2014
Band info: Facebook

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