Noire: The Tracks of the Hunted

Noire - The Tracks of the Hunted album coverA bold and elegant piano greets us as an opening intro to this self-released EP by Canada’s Noire. And as track two opens, we are next greeted by a bold guitar, prominent and purposeful playing it wanders about and it’s nearly seven odd minutes until we have drums and electric guitar join us.

The meanderings of the earlier solos were pleasant, but I felt a little long-winded as this is only an EP after all. Now we have a traditional band presence we have gruff vocals accompanied by clean technical guitar and snappy drums.

I would imagine that Dream Theater or Opeth fans might dig this, but it’s too clean for my tastes! It is looking to meld black metal sensibilities with acoustic interludes, like many do these days, and Noire have approached from a technical and less organic stance. The title track is riff heavy, but then track four “The Sound of the Void” sounds like a Buddhist prayer bowl being played with its wooden stick, and “There is Nothing Left” is heavy in the acoustic intros again.

Sometime the vocals remind me of that gothic stance of early My Dying Bride, and it all plods along at a pedestrian pace I am losing interest I’m afraid. “My Name” closes the piece in a very similar way bringing back the piano and ending on the prayer bowl.

As Nigel Tufnel and David St Hubbins say in Spinal Tap: “there’s a fine line between stupid and uh, clever” – I think this is too clever for me.

Date Released: 07/08/2016
Label: Independent
Album Type: EP
Album info: Bandcamp

Tracks of the Hunted will be released independently by the band on both CD and digital formats. The digital version of the album will be made available for $1 in order to spread the band’s darkness to as many people as possible. Pre-order now Noire’s Bandcamp page.

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