New Releases: The End of the Ocean – -aire

The End of the Ocean - aire

Emerging from Columbus, Ohio in early 2009, The End of the Ocean were tagged by many as one of the primary torch-bearers for the next wave of American post-rock after the inspirational halcyon days that birthed eventual legends such as Explosions in the Sky, This Will Destroy You, Caspian and Red Sparowes. Their 2011 LP Pacific-Atlantic and subsequent 2012 EP In Excelsis have been acclaimed as two of the finest releases of this decade to date, due in large part to the band’s ability to balance rich, thoughtful melodic passages, high-energy riff-wielding and truly epic climactic outpourings. Their live performance serves as a transformative platform on which they amend their longer compositions, offering viewers compacted variations that crystallize the emotional power that lies at the heart of their work.

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Date Released: 01/18/2019
Label: Equal Vision Records
Album Type: Full
Album info: Bandcamp

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