New Releases: Great Falls – A Sense of Rest

Great Falls - A Sense of Rest

Great Falls occupy that paradoxical space of being both a team of ringers and a group of underdogs. The Seattle heavy noise-rock trio’s members have put in their time in bands such as Undertow, Kiss It Goodbye and Jesu—an impressive enough list of names to know that anyone coming out the other side is guaranteed to be a seasoned wrecker of a musician. And on their fourth full-length album A Sense of Rest—released after a decade’s worth of demos, Bandcamp releases, compilations and even a few proper albums—Great Falls put that into practice via eight relentlessly intense tracks that demonstrate the best of what a metal band can be without subscribing to specific aesthetic limitations.” Excerpt from Treble album review. Read the entire review here.

Date Released: 12/21/2018
Label: Corpse Flower/Throatruiner/Init
Album Type: Full
Album info: Bandcamp


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