Nekrokraft – Will o’ Wisp Review

Nekrokraft - Will o' Wisp

For any older UK readers, you may remember the TV cartoon voiced by the irrepressible Kenneth Williams. Well you can forget that for starters. Nekrokraft deliver frightening fast blackened thrash. The guitar is raw and black, although the rhythms are thrashtastic. The tempo changes are as smooth as a Vaselined otter as it breaks down in to slower moshfest parts, then ups the ante and the deathly growls return to the screaming howls of vocalist Angst.

Title track even has an angular progressive death style opening, and levels blast beats with fast guitar, which stands apart from the rest of the album’s feel. And “Worship” gets right down and dirty, although they hail from Sweden, they have a far more Germanic feel to their vibe and strikes out with excellent power chord riffing

“Forestlurker” brings emotive introductions of cymbals and gentle guitar work, before the thunder of drums awakes those that lurk in the woods. This encapsulates the scary feel to this album, with added Omen-esque choral support to the thrash attack, then, a story telling style narrative is accompanied by church organ, which is included and phased out with skill to give just enough pause for breath, before the last minute of total rocking out! It’s theatrical without being tongue in cheek or kitschy.

“Armageddon Unleashed” opens in a typical balanced twin guitar thrash style, with a Tom Warrior ‘Ugh’ and ‘Succubus’ closes the album majestically with kick drums, escalating guitar fretboard work worthy of any 80s thrash band, but still feeling contemporary and vocals that are ripped from the core of the earth, like lava as it cools to a blackened crust.

Will o’ Wisp is seeing a North American release on July 7th 2017 through The Sign Records.

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