MRTVI: Perpetual Conscientious Nightmare

MRTVI - Perpetual Conciousness Nightmare album coverInto the Night Records brought us the fantastic ‘Bloodlines’ split by Twilight Fauna and Old Thunder earlier this year – see a review elsewhere on this site. And they have excelled themselves again with another Black Metal release, however this is a very different style of harsh raw BM by solo project of Damjam Stefanovic.

This piece charts the moments following a young man’s suicide, I think it is attempting to do what ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ does in classic cinema. And as this person passes through differing realms of stasis he experiences a number of feelings and awareness raising reflections on himself. Like Dante’s circles of hell, we have interludes of quite contrasting, near acoustic but still discordant and sour tasting music punctuating the album. The majority of the music is abrasive, harsh, multilayered electrified sonic attack. Damjam says “I wanted it to be stifling, like listening to a person’s madness or confusion subjectively” which he has achieved well. It is not easy listening, and is making me feel very confused and disoriented.

‘Sustained Through Death’ about two-thirds through the album is like a mini version of the whole aural opera with the rising and falling sounds, the harsh and the calm. It is the precursor to the second ‘Intermediate’ after which I naively was hoping for some respite of a happy ending. But ‘Dissolve the Illusion’ is just as harsh and violent sounding as the earlier pieces.

Now I am informed that the subject of this piece understands that ‘his work is unfinished… and that his return to the physical realm is imminent.’ The album leaves us with crying babies – I take this to understand reincarnation. I would like to have lyrics, or accompanying libretto as this is obviously a tremendous story undertaken, and I hope I have not misinterpreted anything here. If I have, please correct me.

Label: Into The Night Records
Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 05/28/2015
Band info: Facebook

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