Morass of Molasses – These Paths We Tread Review

Morass of Molasses - These Paths We Tread

In the mid 90s I DJ-ed a club night called Sticky Youth Club, all very kitsch and tongue in cheek, but nothing as sticky as this lot Morass of Molasses. They are self proclaimed ’Swamp Masters’ but it is a marsh of THICK treacle they dwell in as this oozes forth and drips from the speakers when you hit Play. A power trio along the lines of an updated Blue Cheer for the modern era, or ZZ Top at their most dirtiest and dustiest. Or heavy weight masters Mountain pushed through a mangle and then shredded through a grater.

Released on HeviSike Records this follows on from their So Flows Our Fate 2015 four tracker and continues to pile on the pounds of heavy duty sleazy blooze with heavy dooty titles such as “Serpentine,” “My Leviathan” and “Wrath of Aphrodite” which are all held together, anchored by the drummer Chris. Having shared the stage with luminaries such as Orange Goblin as well as local UK scene setters Sea Bastard, Desert Storm, Elephant Tree and Gurt they would appeal to fans of any of those afore mentioned acts as there is the sheer volume and power, the doom tinged topics of mysticism and ancient legend and the tightness of a well rolled doobie!

Midway we pause for breath with the ethereal “The Ritual” before the Deep Purple-esque “Centralia” returns to form reminding us of why we are here.

These Paths we Tread, the monotony of life, the ever turning wheel, join the hamster wheel on May 19th 2017 via HeviSike Records.

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