Misery Index: The Killing Gods

Misery Index - The Killing Gods album coverMisery Index is one of those bands who has not put a foot wrong in their career. Since their early days back in 2001 with their first EP Overthrow, they have shown they are ready to blast every single note, transforming it into the most brutal thing you’ve ever heard and their fifth album The Killing Gods is nothing but the same astonishing brutal visions they had kept through their four previous albums.

The first thing you notice in The Killing Gods is the two instrumental short songs “Urfaust,” the first song and “The Oath,” the third. “Urfaust” is a great and interesting intro and has a tune that we haven’t heard too often from Misery Index, “melodic”! And this song is like a secret message for the listeners, you are going to have a melodic album on your hands. But it doesn’t mean there’s no longer brutality in the album. Even though “Urfaust” is a minute long song but with its melodic construction acts like a bridge to the next song and it demonstrates the second song’s attitude, “The Calling,” which is constructed with an intro of attacking blastbeats that lead us to some Thrashy riffs but is melodic and groovy at the same time. The third song, “The Oath,” consists of thrilling dissonant guitar arpeggio surrounded by ravens sounds, which makes this track so dark and atmospheric, carrying us to the fourth song, “Conjuring the Cull.” Once again filled-with-brutal-riffs but in a more Thrashy way with a touch of guitar arpeggio from the third song are present in this song, which shows the band connecting their songs with similar riffs and melodies.

After the fourth song, album gets more serious and provocative. You get involved in band’s epic songwriting and it will not leave you easily right to the end of the album. Perhaps the most important point of the album is Misery Index bringing so many melodies, groovy Death/Thrash Metal riffs and setting them with their unique sound of brutality, something we didn’t hear to such extent, not even in their 2010’s Heirs to Thievery. Songs like “Cross to Bear” and “Gallows Humor” show the band’s ability to bring one of the heaviest albums they ever recorded in their career. In-between all those attacking, chaotic parts in The Killing Gods, you can hear some vibes from Napalm Death’s recent albums. But they keep the distance from any huge influences, circling around their own sound of skull-crushing Death Metal. Another thing that shows some changes in the image of the band is that Misery Index is merging their political imagery with some demonic/occult-themed symbolism that appears on both lyrics as well as the album cover, which has two different versions.

With their previous inhuman piece Heirs to Thievery, it was predictable that Misery Index would enter new boundaries on their next album and share something newer in sounds but The Killing Gods is a big surprise for the fans. The Killing Gods is definitely not a good start for the ones who want to listen to Misery Index for the first time. Some minor changes in the structure of songwriting and leaving the limitations of locking themselves in Deathgrind boundary has left the band walking on the edge of the blade and hence The Killing Gods becomes a grower album for older fans but after a few listens Misery Index succeeds to have our attention to another masterpiece of groundbreaking Death Metal/Grindcore album.

by Arash Khosronejad | Twitter: (@arashkh)

Label: Season of Mist
Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 05/27/2014
Band info: Website

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