Mercy Brown: S/T

Mercy Brown - Mercy Brown album coverI have only just received this, even though it’s been out a couple of months. And in the preamble it suggested I might like it if I enjoy Immolation and Witch Mountain. Now there’s a massive chasm between those two acts, so with caution I hit play.

And I’m met with what I expected, uber-fast drumming, gruff and growling vocals of a solid death metal variety, but wait, half way through second track “Birds” I hear a sweet soaring angelic female voice. So this is where the Witch Mountain reference comes in. It’s a very competent offering, using the breaks of sweet choral styles balanced with the death metal growl.

Mercy Brown, a four piece from Washington USA use Sera’s vocal range well and “Red and Yellow” gets a great fast groove going on from the start, and this one punches hard. And we are slowed down a pace with “Where the Fire Is” where the drummer proves he is more than just fast and furious, using a number of styles within the opening minutes and this is where we really see the band come alive. Some rolling drums, and rhythmic guitar attack alongside the powerful vocals of a ‘lady wot does doom’, plus that underbelly of death metal rumble.

“Codependent” wakes me up with a fresh opening style, very urgent, very thrash, and a sputtering guitar in preparations for a slower finale to close the album. We wind down with moody vocals and slack drumming on “Stigma.”

I don’t know if I will listen to this again, if it wasn’t for the mixed styles I wouldn’t have tried it, but I bet they are an awesome sight to behold live.

Label: Birdhouse Squirrel
Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 03/17/2015
Band info: Facebook

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