MARSH DWELLER The Weight of Sunlight

Marsh Dweller - The Weight of SunlightLook at the title, meditate for a moment on it.

Marsh Dweller are suggesting that the sunlight, giver of life and all that, is a weight to bear. And from then on, you have all the introduction you need to enter the Marsh.

This is bleak, this is black, this is death, this is well melded together, tightly turning from blackened metal to death sounds via some very traditional soaring heavy metal lead guitar parts.

The song titles speak for themselves – “The Dull Earth,” “Where the Sky Ends” and “Empty Light of Heaven.” This is an album of hollowness, and bleak, cold marshes!

Shrek lives in a swamp, but his one swamp sounds far more fun that this Pennsylvanian marshland! This creates a roaring rumble of blackened disdain, and then the light of thrashing guitar shines through!

“Forks of the River” open us to some excellent blackened rhythm, whilst guitar cuts the air before the gravelled groaning vocals drag it back to the sludgy bog of the Marsh Dweller. This is the stand out track for me, a classic head nodder. And the following track lets me run screaming from the pit as it’s too fast for me to keep up! “Feathers on the Breath of God” pummels its drums and shreds all prisoners with its guitar. Title track and set closer is an epic, anthemic ride through the marsh, I do imagine I am on one of Michael Moorcock’s impossible creatures!

Let The Weight of Sunlight fall upon you!

The Weight of Sunlight will be released on CD through Eihwaz Recordings on August 15, 2016. You can pre-order a copy here.

Date Released: 08/15/2016
Label: Eihwaz Recordings
Album Type: Full Length
Album info: Bandcamp

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