Doommabbestia Webzine Marijuanaut Vol. III

Doommabbestia_Marijuanaut_cover A terrific introduction to the varied heavy psyche scene of Italy. After Zippo ease us in gently with “After Us,” we get some square-bashing from Prometheus with nine minute “Ornaments” – very rhythmic with angular midway changes akin to a proggy post rock Pet Slimmers or something like that.

Architeuthis bowl me outta my chair with their rolling drums and wah wah geetar kick off. A slacker stoner vibe seeps out of my speakers and drips on the floor pooling into a sticky resin puddle. A drum heavy piece, with guitars slung low amongst bleached flares as it ebbs and flows through its ten minute inner space contemplation. When the tune returns it sounds like the lead guitarist went next door to pluck his strings, adding to that whole disheveled disorientation before space noises add in layered effects.

Karl Marx Was a Broker not only wins the prize for the best band name, but opens up a new chapter with electronic math styled rock, imagine you were too stoned to notice you were playing your old Tangerine Dream LPs at the wrong speed – you get the picture… whilst Otus use that lose Entombed style tuning bringing a deathy feel to their offering “Theta Synchrony,” but only in tuning and vocal growl, musically it is far lighter as it tinkers about.

Woodwall brings me home to familiar territory with fuzzed guitars that just about find their way through the developing haze, although very quiet on the mix here, I can barely hear it all. Messa hit me like a horror film, something from about 1972 with a big gothic castle in it and the siren is calling, calling, and I cannot resist. Upon checking their album cover, what luck it has a castle turret type building surrounded by water, so the music certainly did evoke similar pictures in my head. A velvet vocalist entices you to the dark occult, and one cannot resist!

Istvan offer the most free form psychedelic style noodling as if I was at a Human Be In with the Grateful Dead, and the amplified fuzz keeps me warm like I’m wrapped in a blanket with Mountain Girl herself. With Sdang! coming a close second for the kosmiche beat, that motoric drum beat along with electronica to remind us of past German greats. And we finish with some strangely titled acts, Marlon Brando escort us through some deserted voiceless soundscape, tomydeepestego take this instrumentalism down a darker heavier psychedelic rabbit hole with their piece “Tetra.” Closing band Diana Spencer Grave Explosion pique my interest as being Italian I was surprised that they knew who Diana Spencer was… our old Prince Charles’s first wife. An interesting title “Long Death to the Horizon” draws out a post stoner fuzz as it explores territories and landscapes as cities rise and fall during this 13 minute very substantial bookend.

Samplers like this really work for me in the modern digital age as I can research the bands, and find more of what I like. And I shall definitely be returning to Italy thanks to excellent outlets such as Doomabebestia, Marijuanaut, Acid Cosmonaut and Argonauta Records.

• • • • •