Mage: Last Orders

Mage - Last Orders album coverOo-er, this starts a bit fast and frenetic does this. But it soon calms to a steady pace. This is the second album from Mage, both on Witch Hunter Records and it really reminds me of something from the 80s, like an early doom band from the stable of Pentagram and Pagan Altar and the like. The first track, ‘Dark Matter’ offers us the pulsing riffage as well as a Maiden style gallop and shows how much tighter they are on this release.

Produced by Chris Fielding, he of Conan, Electric Wizard and others, shows how it can all come together. The last minute of “The Fallen” gets a right boogie on, with some sweet noises emanating from the guitar and by track three “Lux Mentis” I find I have a good nod on!

“Beyond” slows things down to a Trouble style power crawl. With thick chugging guitar riffing and vocal styles akin to Electric Wizard or Cathedral, where the lines are delivered like statements, more than songs. And we break down with some more boogie stomp towards the end.

The closing track “One For the Road” is the weakest track in my opinion, and I would have finished with “Beyond” or “Violent Skies.”

I haven’t been able to see these guys so far. I haven’t seen them come down to London yet, but I see they have frequented Birmingham the Home of Metal. So a trip to the Big Smoke of London soon would be great, thank you very much!

Label: Witch Hunter Records
Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 10/31/2014
Band info: Facebook

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