Lustre – Still Innocence Review

Lustre - Still Innocence

Opening chords of “Dreaded Still” drench the listener in Slowdive-esque shoegazing effects before tinkly high-end keyboards take a centre stage to try and build an oppressive, misty atmosphere. It’s very gothic, in a neo-classical style, with electronica and guitars attempting to transport us through the midst of time. I do expect a dwarf to come skipping on any minute.

Release date: November 3, 2017
Label: Nordvis

But “Let Go Like Leaves of Fall” just sounds like a soundtrack to a poor afternoon TV movie. I guess this would be classed as darkwave, but it is certainly not dark enough for me. I don’t feel that there is enough direction within the tunes, as though they aren’t going to take me to the place I am expecting. But then again, maybe I just got on the wrong bus.

“Reverence Road” is a ten minuter, and this finds its natural rhythm soon on in, and the pace is good, but the hovering synth is far too jolly, it’s like “Disney does dungeon music”, which I am sure wasn’t what Nachtzeit, the sole performer, was aiming for although there is a pleasing child-like air of mischievous, playful naughtiness about it all.

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