Like Rats: II

Short review of Like Rats album II was originally written for About Heavy Metal.

Like Rats - II album cover Date Released: 03/25/2016
Label: Southern Lord
Album Type: Full Length
Album info: Bandcamp

Chicago’s Like Rats create a rage fueled blend of hardcore and sludge that will destroy you slowly.

The end result of II is eight colossal and pulverizing songs, beginning with opening track “From Beyond,” which will immediately have you bobbing your head like a madman.

The songs “Gates” and “Immortal Coil” keep things real in the middle, with Like Rats saving the best for last, in closing track “Grief Incarnate,” which finishes with a lovely piano outro.

II will see release on LP, all digital platforms, and marks the band’s compact disc debut. The CD version will also compile every filthy note the band has ever recorded, including their previously vinyl-only releases and the new II album, with twenty-two tracks in total.

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