Laser Flames on the Great Big News – self titled album


To review this album, I have decided this should be interactive with audience participation. Here’s what you need to do:

Fetch pen, paper and ruler. Draw a grid 5 x 5 leaving you squares big enough to write in.

Now fill the 25 boxes with a variety of your favourite rock, pop and metal acts. Purchase the album Laser Flames on the Big News by the Tennessee band of the same name which was out on Wood and Stone Productions on June 30th, 2017, and cross off the bands in your grid as and when you hear them on this record.

Press play and join John Judkins of Rwake and Stephanie Bailey as they play vocal blows off each other whilst the band scot around a number of genres, sub-genres and classic standards.

I prepared my grid and I heard the following…. Wishbone Ash, Stevie Nicks, Queens of the Stone Age, Heart, Elder, Detroit Cobras, Kadaver, Guns n Roses riffing, Grace Slick power (vocal) chords, Megadeth, Queen, Clutch, Faith No More, Rainbow, Obituary, Black Mountain,

So, over to you, what sounds and influences can you hear in this veritable smorgasbord of a mash-up?
To obtain your copy of this mind bending sonic genre splitting long player head over here:

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