Lamentations of the Ashen: Libertine Cyst

Lamentations Of The Ashen - Libertine Cyst album coverWidely tagged as Black Metal, Lamentations of the Ashen from New Mexico have broadened the palette with ‘Libertine Cyst’ to include a doomier feel.

Introducing us with a slack, slow waves of guitar and slow drums. But don’t you get that incense cone out just yet, the slow crashing riffs may think you are entering sludge territory, but as the vocals start, we’re in to goblin-like growls and traditional BM speed.

The opening track, ‘A Profane Illvmination’ clocks in at 12 minutes, so this enables them to include different paces and styles. There is the slower doom angle, faster fiercer black mental plus a shoegaze element, ending on a white noise barrage.

‘II’ and the subsequent two tracks on this album, are all 12 – 18 minute expanses. ‘II’ opens with the lackadaisical, listless guitar and drums like Monarch, and then develops in to Bathory-like triumphant exclamations. There is something monumental about this album.

It is 4 years since the release of EKIMMV, and this is certainly worth the wait. A very well constructed musical outing from start to finish. Plenty of time has been spent on the whole package of music. Yes, it is bleak and black, but it is also very rich in texture, instruments are used for their own character, as opposed to drums purely being used for tempo and beat. At times it sounds very fragile with only simple chords being played, sometimes acoustic, and at others it is a strong assault.

A class album, and I look forward to indulging further with this one as each listen brings forth a different element.

Label: Independent
Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 02/24/2015
Band info: Facebook

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