Kult Mogił – Portentaque EP Review

Kult Mogil - Portentaque

Polish death metallers Kult Mogił formed back in 2014, and this EP is a follow up to their debut Anxiety Never Descending LP and I reckon this would go down well with Carcass fans out there, and I know there’s a fair few of them! Three tracks on offer, opening with the excellent “Alae Magicos,” where the guitar fades in and out and from side to side and the vocals offer a suffocating feel to the tune. Drums and cymbals are relentless, non-stop crashing and bashing to drive the tune forwards! Vocally it moves towards an incantation style invocation as the magic does the trick!

Track two, “Non-reconciliation,” made me think of some kind of retail refund. Reminding me of cashing up my tills in a previous life, but I am sure it is something far more sinister, and I live such a sheltered life I know not what.

Release date: September 29, 2017
Label: Pagan Records

The guitar dances between chugging dugga-dugga riffs, and discordant quite unpleasant high-pitched castrato style string work. Just remember, the customer is always right, I’d give them their money and ask them never to darken my shop doorway again.

Title track “Portentaque” is a slower, longer track of very well accomplished typical death metal where the vocalist gets to try out some echo techniques and so too does the axeman. Maybe some variety with the vocal would take this to another level, a backing vocalist using a different style may add that extra layer to set Kult Mogił apart from the pack. Final of the three is by far the stronger track in my opinion.


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