Krigsgrav: Waves of Degradation

Krigsgrav - Waves of Degradation album cover Krigsgrav‘s new album Waves of Degradation is out on Bindrune Recordings and they have focused their attention on the downfall of this planet for the content of this album. It is their fourth release I believe, and is of that shoegazing black metal that I quite enjoy!! It is described as ‘moving black metal’ and I tend to agree, as it manages emotional depth by balancing its despair, relentless guitar and double pounding drums with its rhythmic hypnotic buzz, harsh howling vocals and at times more natural vocal passages.

“Under Trembling Stars” opens as a 12 minute saga, and midway through I hear a mouth harp, I am sure I have heard mouth harp and mentioned here at ITH in another review – an intriguing development in black metal, where boundaries are being breached with mouth harps! I thought I would never see the day. This track bleeds out with exploratory guitar work and accompanying percussion that you could hear on more post rock style albums.

“Son of the Stones” opens with that beautiful discordant loose guitar hallmark of blackened crust bands and continues that shoegazing sonic exploration as this track really begins to consume me and swim around my head. Krigsgrav are proving they are more than ‘just a black metal band’ as they produce atmospheres and rhythms drawing on crust, ambience strings and choral harmonies. “As the Color Fades From the Earth” and “The Failures of Man” have really depressed me, and today is a Public Holiday, a day off where I was going to tend to the garden, but what’s the point eh?! Maybe I’ll just immerse myself in some Dragged Into Sunlight to extend this ennui.

Date Released: 04/01/2016
Label: Bindrune Recordings
Album Type: Full Length
Album info: Bandcamp

Waves of Degradation is available as a digital download from Krigsgrav’s Bandcamp page.

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