King Dead: S/T

King Dead - S/T album coverHey, you got your spaghetti sludge in my western. No, you got your western in my doom spaghetti. Come again now?

King Dead is a three-piece bass/synth/drum unit that call Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania home. They refer to their brand of unique, instrumental noise as “spaghetti western doom sludge.” “Spaghetti Western” refers to a specific genre of Italian produced films that started emerging in the mid 1960s. Imagine Clint Eastwood’s movie ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’ meets the apocalypse. This is King Dead’s music.

While not always heavy in tone, the songs are most heavy in their gazing, heavy-eyed bleakness. Opener “Ghosts along the Riverbank” crawls along at a snail’s pace, putting the listener in a trance. You are instantly hooked. “As One Plows and Breaks up the Earth…” is a perfect example of the bands ability to tell an instrumental story. King Dead take the listener on an incredible, doomtastic journey filled with moments of hope… and despair.

“Drowning in Dust” starts off with tribal drum sounds and is the most buoyant song of the five. The whistling near the end is the only time you’ll hear vocals on this release, and they are perfectly placed. “Length of Rope” trudges along with some of the coolest bass work/sounds on the album. It sounds as if the bass is whipping itself with its own strings. Very original, extremely wicked.

The closer, “God Makes a Lot of Fucking Promises,” sees King Dead at their absolute best. The song boasts brilliantly built tempos that rise and fall before finally culminating into an epic barrage of noise and drone that will leave you feeling spent and satisfied. This song goes by very quickly for being ten plus minutes long.

Whatever you call it; Wil McG (6-string bass/synth), Kevin Vanderhoof (bass) and Steve Truglio (drums) deliver the goods as King Dead five times over with their unique sound on their self-titled, self released debut. Do not miss this one.

Label: Independent
Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 04/19/2014
Band info: Facebook

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