Jotnarr: Burn and Bury

Jotnarr - Burn and Bury album cover Label: Superfi
Album Type: EP
Date Released: 04/13/2015
Band info: Facebook

Jotnarr hail from Colchester, in the eastern area on the UK which has many a dark offering from nasty pieces of work such as Matthew Hopkins the Witchfinder General through to cartoon vampires Cradle of Filth, so Jotnarr are continuing the trend spewing from putrid black metal.

Jotnarr share personnel with a favourite of mine Meadows, and this gives them the extra added layer to their sound, an element of ‘loud QUIET’ which I enjoy. Track two, “Sunless” spends the first half instrumental with drums and guitar pottering along, until it pauses, then cranks it up a gear including the black metal buzz guitar and rasping vocals that sound like they are coming from another room, or another world.

Jotnarr aren’t afraid of bringing in something different, some simple guitar plucking, breakdowns or silent pauses. I have yet to catch them play live yet, but they are on my list. Jotnarr, Terra and Wren would be a good triumvirate of a line up.

Last track “Waldeinsamkeit” meaning ‘solitude in the forest’ (thank you internet translations) is a dark atmospheric sound scape that’s a slow burn waiting for midway through its 6 minutes for the pay off when the rhythmic churn kicks in and takes you home!

• • • • •