JoDöden – Sittandes i sjön med vatten över huvudet Review

This is a beautiful collection of organic, pastoral and sometimes bucolic tunes played mostly on guitar or simple electrification and percussion evoking images of nature, forests, mountain lakes and crisp clear air. JoDöden is known for his work in other guises such as Sorgeldom and Whirling, but here he allows his solo work to emanate through this album which translates as sitting in the lake with water above your head. I am still trying to understand this title and what it really means.

The album cover oozes Scandinavian Norse Men which informs the images that develop in my mind as I make my way through pastures, and mountain passes, until midway track “Vemod fyllde tronsalen” starts to concern me with its enquiring repetitive guitar and a new sound is born. Rhythmic folk infused blackened metal that includes keyboards synth sounds I remember from 1980s spooky children’s TV shows. The title track relaxes me and reassures me that we have returned now to the strumming and finger picking acoustic guitars. But oh. what happens next, maybe JoDöden has chanced upon a pumping nightclub, as the acoustic strains suddenly get shut down by a goblin disco!

This is an odd collection indeed of ambient alt. folk. Reminding me of early Mortiis, or the interludes that peppered Burzum albums, he even covers “Hermoor A Helfero” by the aforementioned. But it is the goblin disco that stays with me.

Sittandes i sjön med vatten över huvudet was released via Nordvis Records on Sept 29, 2017.

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