Iced Out: Man’s Ruin

Iced Out - Mans Ruin album coverIt is with a heavy heart I review this cd as I have learnt that it is the last by Witch Hunter Records. But it is one helluva way to bow out. The tempo is slow, and the tuning is low on this three track sludge/hardcore cd where the riffs are familiar which makes me feel like returning home. The vocals sound as if strained through a gauze as they are spit forth.

Track two, ‘Man’s Ruin’ really pummels you from the off, with pounding bass rumble and drumming that slows from initial pounding to a more rolling tumble midway.

Witch Hunter have been a cornerstone of the UK DIY scene for a few years now, and with these small labels you get the personal service that the larger labels lose. Time spent folding and sticking cd sleeves, stickers to accompany hand numbered limited edition releases.

‘Space Mountain’ closes this triumvirate of power and disdain, and I find my lips curling in to a snarl mirroring the vocals on this piece. It makes me feel disaffected and disjointed and a new sound appears… Three quarters in we even experience a guitar solo of sorts, only to be cut short at a very abrupt end. Don’t let this be the end of your relationship with Iced Out nor Witch Hunter Records.

Chris has released some absolute corking cds and 7 inches over the time, personal favourites are Opium Lord, Grimpen Mire and Megaladoom, and as this last cd is entitled ‘Man’s Ruin’ which I hope isn’t a personal reflection from Chris himself!

Label: Witch Hunter Records
Album Type: EP
Date Released: 04/27/2015
Band info: Facebook

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